Norman Rockwell's famous 'Caught In the Act' pie figuine.

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County Fair Award Winner.


We're so glad you're visiting our web site. Owners Linda Smith and Lisa Proffitt welcome you to Blue Ribbon Pies. This is a family affair with Me-Maw, Deborah, Olivia and Sharon all pitch'in in. These pies are all home-made, right here in our kitchen. Men are not involved. This is a "girl's thing." Around these parts they calls us girls the "Cutie Pies". We do it our way and the you will love the results.

Whether you want to treat your family or friends at dinner, show your clients and customers how much you appreciate them, or just need to satisfy a hunger for good, old-fashioned home-made baking, we're here to serve you.

Apple PieAnd, whether your interest is for a special event or you are a restaurant owner, we can serve your needs. Just call us to discuss what you have in mind and we will create it for you. Each pie is a masterpiece, with the personal care and attention of an artist. We don't care about the number of pies we make, only the quality and your satisfaction. So, this is not about volume and price, it is about taste and pride!

Pies are our specialty and are individually made to your specifications. There are many styles and designs available so please contact us to discuss or set up an appointment to view our portfolio and discuss your needs. Please see the tab above for pictures and prices for our pies.

Most of our recipes were handed down through our family and others were found through diligent research of old cook books and endless testing and refinement. 

All of our pies are made just like you would at home. We crack every egg and carefully measure each ingredient by hand.  And our shopping list contains only items you'd recognize like whole eggs, pure cane sugar, and pure maple syrup, with no added preservatives or colorings.  One bite and you'll taste why our award-winning pies are truly "Nirvana".

Our family has been making pies for years. We recently won the blue ribbon for our Coconut Cream pie at the Ft. Bend County Fair in Sugarland in the Gulf Coast area of Texas. The judges were so impressed that they wanted to keep the pie and Sharon even got a marriage proposal on the spot!

We would love to hear from you. Our contact info is shown at the top of this page.

OTHER BAKED GOODS: By popular demand, we also make a limited selection of other baked goods, including cup cakes, banana pudding, and a few other treats. Check 'em out! Please note, we do not make regular cakes (for now).

DELIVERIES: On occasion we can deliver locally in the Dayton Texas area. Ask about this when you discuss your order. Otherwise, please plan on picking up your pies at our kitchen at the above address. If you want your pie hot, be sure to discuss timing when you call.

Most pies are not suitable for shipping. However, we can ship some pie styles. While we have a great packaging method, we cannot guarantee the pie will stay together in rough transit.  Ask us and we can discuss shipping options. Shipping costs are extra.

OUR BACKGROUND: Our "business" started because everyone in our extended social scene raves about our family pies. When we saw our pies devoured at work or by friends, they all told us to share this bounty with the public. So here we are, the little lady entrepreneurs, the Cuttie Pies, hav'in fun and making folks happy.


"Just like Grandmother used to make. Delicious!" 

"I bought it as for a gift, then changed my mind when I saw it and we ate it. Yummy!"

"I have been salivating, thinking of the next pie from you."

"Wow, this is truly nirvana!"

"Just wonderful! No wonder you are do'in so well."